You may wonder why I'm posting wedding photos when I actually did get married a couple of years ago. The reason is that 26th of May is our fourth year anniversary, which is set to be the year of silk, linen, fruit and flowers ( not going to lie, those are my absolutely favorites). So I have gathered some of my favorite photos from our beautiful celebration to share with you. It's funny how I never pictured myself as a bride before meeting my husband, and then I had all those ideas how my wedding should look like. One thing I was absolutely sure about our special day was that I wanted the wedding reception to be near the sea, by the beach. So we said our vows in front of our closest people at the beach. The party was raw and funny, we danced salsa and drank French wine with the best company of friends ever. I hope you enjoy the selection of  photos I have made for you, there are lots more of course...but there must be more left to share with you for our next anniversary, right? Enjoy and be as much in love as we are!