ou have probably seen part of this photoshoot already on my INSTAGRAM, but I had to share the rest of the photos. Does it show that I have slept only four hours the night before the photos are taken? I hope not. Getting dressed that morning I had a completely different outfit planned for the day, but you know that the October weather changes rapidly, so I quickly put some clothes in my bag when I went out, in case I get cold outside. So after the temperatures dropped I had to put my sweater and jacket on. At that moment I realized I took a red sweater and I didn't even check if it fits with my pants. Guess, what? Unexpected outfit combinations are usually turning the best ones.
We have been passing these vans for many months before finally deciding to take some photos near them. Aren't they cute? I can't believe how fun they are. You can rent them from an agency and use them at your wedding. That would look like the perfect Free People style wedding.

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