This year Fashion Week in Istanbul started a little later than usual in a new place called Grand Pera Palace. Due to the fact that it was postponed many designers didn’t present their collections and decided to show at other Fashion Weeks instead. The first collection that I was able to enjoy was T.A.G.G. Fashion and it was presented in a huge designer store called Gizia Gate situated in the luxurious Nişantaşı area in Istanbul. I had a little problem trying to find the place, which I have seen before, but my head was full of excitement and sometimes I forget to think. I used Goggle maps which was supposed to show me right route, but for some reason it took me to a completely different place which made my hate the app even more. Finally I was able to find the right place asking people around, Turkish people love to help strangers after all. At Gizia Gate I was able to check the latest collections from many local designers and I took a lot of pictures. I hope you enjoy them! I fell in love with the pastel and gingham pieces. You know I love these two trends so much!