Back in 2007 I was just a regular 20 years old girl, studying in a university and trying to find something interesting to do in my spare time. Being inspired by the vintage hype I was seeing over the Internet I decided to start my own eBay store for vintage pieces which I was able to collect from the little shops in my own town. Sophia Amoruso was kicking ass with her NastyGal store back then and she was my main source of inspiration, of course my eBay adventure wasn’t as successful as hers but you can’t blame a girl for trying. I did had one big success though, one of the handmade pieces that I have found and put on for sale was sold to a customer in the USA. Few months after that the show GOSSIP GIRL had started and everyone was crazy about it. You can imagine my surprise when I saw Vanessa Abrams (the smart artistic curly-haired Brooklyn gal) wearing my vintage 80s style blouse that I sold few months back. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes, it felt almost unreal. I cried, I laughed, I watched the episode hundred times at least. Then in honor of that tiny but important event I have decided that I will start my fashion blog and call it GOSSIP STYLE.
I wrote my first post in 2007 November 16th. It was the time when blogs have not been as popular as now. The best blogs over the net were StyleBytes, SusieBubble, The Cherry Blossom Girl, Le Blog de Betty and Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad was just a regular Italian girl that loved shopping as much as I did. My tiny blog was my little secret, not so many people in Bulgaria were reading blogs then, I highly doubt they even knew what they really were.
After a couple of years of writing ( 7 to be exact ) I got a bit tired of blogging. It was not giving me as much joy as it was before. I was rarely posting and even when I did, it was not giving me any fulfillment. In 2014 I stopped and made the blog private.
Now after some time away from the blogging world I have decided to start sharing again. You probably know that I’m super consistent on my Instagram, which if you are not following yet, you should definitely start. This time with my blog I will not force myself to make a post if I have nothing important to share with you, I will try to be more cool and relaxed about it.
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